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Security in the ISW


For an optimal fresh air supply, supply air / exhaust air, a system based on the latest technology was installed - SUVA tested


The walls, ceilings and floors of the systems were equipped in such a way that, according to technical discretion, no ricochets, i.e. projectiles or their splinters rebound.


In terms of acoustics, we attached great importance to the reduction through transmitted sound waves, we achieve

Best noise protection requirements in all systems.

Fire protection

The system was equipped with a state-of-the-art fire alarm and extinguishing system.

Fire detection with flame detectors. First sponsor and fire extinguisher.

Federal Office of Police fedpol

Purchasing a weapon as a private individual:

A weapon is acquired when it is bought, given, inherited,

is rented or borrowed.
Depending on the type of weapon, you will need a contract, a firearms acquisition license or an exceptional permit.

Private paramilitary equipment = also prohibited in the ISW:

- Photo and film recordings

- Handling weapons under the age of 18
- Military and police badges of any origin

The use and dissemination of racist symbols according to Articles 261bis of the Criminal Code and 171c of the Social Criminal Code are punishable if these flags, badges, slogans or forms of greeting symbolise an ideology aimed at the systematic denigration or defamation of members of a race, ethnic group or religion and if this ideology is promoted in public.

The offence structure of Art. 261bis StGB

1 public act incitement to hatred or discrimination public

2 public action spreading of ideologies public

3 public action organisation etc. of propaganda public

4-1 public act of degradation / discrimination in a form that violates human dignity (living) person/group

4-2 Public act Denial of genocide / crimes against humanity (deceased) person/group

5 public act Refusal of a service intended for the general public (living) person/group

For the safety of every stay at the ISW
is the PSK mandatory ;
the personal security check
loaded - not loaded
each gun must be considered loaded.
Checking the functionality of the weapon/s,
the examination of the environment and the target area.



This video was designed for extras and actors handling weapons on the film set!

EXCERPT Army Criminal Law / Weapons for hire
2 Off-duty shooting exercises may only be carried out at the shooting ranges provided for this purpose and recognized by the responsible military authorities or at the shooting ranges approved by the responsible federal shooting officers.
Article 53a45Measures against owners of a loaned weapon

1 If there are signs or indications that the owner of a loaned weapon could endanger himself or others with the loaned weapon, or if there are other signs or indications of impending misuse of the loaned weapon, the district commander orders the precautionary removal of the loaned weapon. He can instruct the cantonal police corps to confiscate the loaned gun to his hands.46

2 Federal, cantonal and communal authorities, treating or assessing physicians, psychologists who become aware of the signs or indications referred to in paragraph 1 may report them to the Armed Forces Command or the Military Medical Service.Shooters can report their knowledge to the board of their shooting club. In justified cases, he immediately initiates the necessary measures.47

3 If it becomes aware of signs or notices in accordance with paragraph 1, the Army Command and Staff can instruct the District Commander in writing to take the loaned weapon as a precautionary measure.

4 Third parties who have access to the loaned weapon may also hand it in to an army logistics center or a reestablishment point of the army or police logistics base for precautionary deposit if there are signs or indications in accordance with paragraph 1, stating the reasons.48

5 The army command staff decides whether the loaned weapon is to be taken back definitively or returned to the previous owner.


Article 53b49Further measures


1 The army's logistics base will confiscate a loaned weapon if its owner no longer meets the requirements for keeping it.

2 It can instruct the district commander to collect the loaned weapon. The order must be justified in writing.

3 The district commander orders the collection of the loaned weapon. He can instruct the cantonal police force to move in.

49 Inserted by No. I of the Ordinance of January 23, 2013, in force since March 1, 2013 (AS 2013 555).

Article 53c50Return and collection of the personal loaned weapon

The DDPS specifies the requirements for the return and collection of personal loan weapons.

Art. 54 Criminal penalties

1 The punishability of offenses against the regulations of off-duty shooting is based on the applicable provisions of military or civil criminal law.

2 In serious cases, an application by a military court to the DDPS is to be requested.


Medical care and support


Health is the top priority. That's why our instructors are trained in MEDIC BASIC and have the experience and material. The defibrillator is marked in the entrance area.

Health prevention of communicable diseases, the rule is:

If you're healthy, come in - if you're sick, stay at home

Behavior in an emergency

Stay calm, sound the alarm, warn other people, and do not endanger yourself.

In case of fire, leave the building. Organize help.

When reporting a medical emergency, be prepared to ask the following questions:

  • Where exactly is the emergency location? Town, street, house number, floor

  • Who is calling? Your callback number?

  • What exactly happened? Are you with the patient?

  • When did it happen? Time of emergency

  • How many patients are affected?

    • Patient's age/If uncertain > estimated age

    • Is the patient conscious?

    • Is the patient breathing?

  • More information? e.g. patient trapped, dangers, information

Important numbers: answer as calmly as possible:

Police           Telephone  117

Fire department    Telephone 118

Rescue         Telephone 144

The attending physician in Wittenbach: Ralf Strauss Tel. 071 298 42 38

Security in ISW - PDF

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