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Regulations ISW


 Indoorshooting - Wittenbach, Imparm SA, Hediger Waffen


1. Enter the facility at your own risk and responsibility.

2.     Each shooter has to show proof of private liability insurance, coverage 5 million CHF.

3.     The facility may only be entered and exited with unloaded weapons and empty magazines.

4.     Depending on the level of training, the appropriate place can be selected or assigned.

5.     The shooting rooms may only be entered with hearing protection and protective goggles.

6.     Only functionally reliable weapons may be used.

7.     Each weapon is to be considered loaded.

8.     Be sure of your aim, finger is only on the trigger when the gun is pointed at the target.

9.     Only your own direct target   may be shot at.

10.  Only ammunition manufactured according to the CIP standard and up to a maximum of 5000 joules may be used.

11.  Prohibited ammunition :  Steel jacket, all steel, steel core and tracer bullets.

12.  Prohibited weapons : all muzzle-loading rifles and pistols, serial firearms.

13.  If a shooter's weapon or ammunition fails, the weapon must be put down and the Range Officer must be informed immediately.

14.  The instructions of the supervisory bodies must always be followed.

15.  Anyone who endangers themselves or others or disturbs the shooting operations in any other way, or who does not follow the instructions of the supervisory staff, will be expelled from the facility, further legal action may be the result.

16.  It is forbidden to sell weapons, weapon parts and ammunition or their components on the premises or in the building of the company Imparm SA., Hediger Waffen, Bistro-Hofen and Indoorshooting - Wittenbach.

17.  Persons who negligently or intentionally damage the building, the systems or parts thereof, such as ceilings, walls, floors, target transport systems and or parts of the backstop and the lighting, will be legally prosecuted.

18.  The entire building and all rooms are video-monitored and every visitor declares with his signature that he also agrees to facial recognition recordings.

19.  The shooter-visitor hereby declares and confirms that he has read, understood and agreed to the 19 rules and to comply with them

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