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ISW - Indoor Shooting Wittenbach

Competence and training center

Training and education center


Basic  -   Precision  -   Defense  -  Tactical  -   Parcour  -   Distance

​​6 shooting rooms with distances from 1 to 50 meters





.223 Rem FMJ 55grs 3,6g S&B Bulk CHF 57.40/ 100 rds.
7,5x55 Swiss FMJ  174grs 11,3g S&B Bulk CHF 44.--/50rds.
7,62x39 FMJ 124grs 8g S&B Bulk CHF 37.--/50rds  

223 Bulk.jpeg
7.5x55 Bulk.jpeg
7,62x39 Bulk.jpeg


indoorshooting Wittenbach offers unique shooting experiences. The facility includes 6 shooting rooms - distances from 1 to 50 meters. In addition, we offer individual courses so that everyone hits the mark. The safety and health of our guests has top priority, therefore equipped with the latest technologies and SUVA tested.

Sellier & Bellot


Trainees can purchase ammunition from the ISW.

 For common calibers we recommend Non Tox cartridges, TFMJ (totally jacketed) bullets without toxic lead burn and residues on and in the body and on weapons, manufactured according to CIP standards with non-toxic primers, without mercury, barium, antimony and poisons from other sources.

Purchasing ammunition:

 Weapons purchase certificate and ID or passport not older than 2 years or

current hunting license


rental guns

We offer a diverse selection of handguns and handguns, which can be purchased by those authorized to own weapons with a firearms purchase license, before purchasing in the ISW  can be tested. 


Shooting courses

In the indoor shooting Wittenbach we offer exciting courses from which every shooter can benefit. Including shooting courses for beginners through to professional personal protection.


Bistro with Schützengarten

In addition to sport shooting, catering is a must. In our bistro we offer everything for a small appetite - sandwiches, pizza, drinks. Etc.

Glock 43x

GLOCK Competence and Training Center

As a GLOCK partner, we can offer you various models for test shooting.
This is primarily intended to help you make your purchase decision, so that you can
deal with the different weapons and calibers.
For test shooting, interested parties need a WES.

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Contact us

Questions, comments or requests?

Contact us! We'd love to hear from you.
071 245 12 24

Industriestrasse 18, 9300 Wittenbach,


071 245 12 24

071 245 64 06

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