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already a MEMBER?

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The facility is exclusively available to members of the Member Club. Before visiting with guests, a prior request must always be made to management.


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ISW Member Club

 We connect and support members, that is

Shooters, collectors and those interested in technology from ancient to modern,

in an amicable manner and within the possible framework with information,

interesting lectures, exciting coursesn. Workshops in theory and practice in static and tactical training,

The rule applies:


How do I become a member?

​Admission to the ISW Member Club takes place after examination by the management of Indoorshooting-wittenbach.

Register in person during opening hours or

Email to the following address: 


are applying for membershipatadd:

- Criminal record extract, ID and WES copy 

After confirmation of admission, you will have access to the ISW Members Club Area

with even more advantages, only for club members

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